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We are looking for innovative risk-takers and leaders seeking to creatively proffer solutions to develop the African continent.

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January 2022 Fellowship Timeline

Training starts on the 3rd of January 2022

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Applications Open

October 4 - November 6


Group Interviews:

November 17 - November 19

Individual Interviews:

November 22 - November 26

Accept and Sign Commitment Letter

November 30

What we are looking for

We are looking for individuals who want to shape the African continent as future entrepreneurs who have the following values:

Growth Mindset

You thrive on challenges and see mistakes as an opportunity to grow and stretch your existing abilities.


You seek collective agreement and hear other people's inputs to inspire


You have ambitious, long-term goals and will persevere to reach them.

Creativity and Innovation

You can think critically and produce innovative and practical solutions to any situation

Inclusivity and Diversity

You are open-minded and respectful to opinions of individuals around you. You can easily adapt in new environments

Foundations in Hard Skills

You have proficiency in a labor-demanded hard skill (coding, digital marketing, data analysis, product management) with preferences for those who worked 2-4 years.

Eligibility Requirements

All selected IFA fellows for the Innovate for Africa fellowship must be able to:

  • Devote around 20 hours a week for in-class Innovation Readiness training as well as additional hours to produce assignments (~10-15 hours).
  • Attend monthly 2 hour professional development after the Innovation Readiness training for the remainder of this 1-year fellowship.
  • Be available to work full-time if matched at a start-up for a subsidized rate of at least (100,000 nairas/month) for the remainder of this 1-year fellowship.
  • Have steady internet for asynchronous and synchronous online training as well as possible remote work
    • Approximately 40GBs per month
  • Pay a small commitment fee that will be returned upon completion of the training.

For more information, refer to our FAQs section

What our talents have to say

Adah Ochanya Software DeveloperAdah Ochanya

It is normal to feel anxious about new experiences like I was at the start of the training, but thanks to the Novustack community and team plus my ability to communicate, I am confident about my ability to push and see things through

Feyipitan Sadiku Product ManagerFeyipitan Sadiku

This experience taught me perseverance and grit. Together with my team, I successfully delivered on several projects including a real case study as a startup consultant. I was reminded yet again that I can achieve anything I decide to

Joel Usonegbu Data AnalystJoel Usonegbu

The fellowship is an amazing, intense, and resourceful experience as I wished it would never end. In 4 weeks of brainstorming, teamwork, project management and many more practices, I was blown away by amazing minds from Harvard and MIT.

Daniel Olagunju Software DeveloperDaniel Olagunju

There is no greater investment than in oneself. Equipping myself with the ability to learn from my mistakes and collaborating with individuals I can no longer call strangers is one key takeaway from my training experience with Novustack.

Emmanuel Otori Product ManagerEmmanuel Otori

I remain committed to developing data management processes for MSMEs and being a part of the Innovate for Africa fellowship has instilled in me certain values that I know will guide me.

Joy Chukwukere Product ManagerJoy Chukwukere

The fellowship helped me understand that little tasks do matter as they contribute to the overall goal. It is important to always break these down for easy execution. This applies to both personal, career and business goals.

Mogbitse Okitikpi Data AnalystMogbitse Okitikpi

The fellowship made me prioritise having ideas that not only disrupted industries but made an impact in the lives of you and me.

Audrey Folaranmi Data AnalystAudrey Folaranmi

The inspiring words of wisdom from several guest speakers made me understand the importance of building a strong legacy, making an impact and giving back to society above all.

Meshach Aderele UI/UX DesignerMeshach Aderele

Being paired with individuals I had just met on real case studies that I had to deliver on really exposed me on adapting to situations fast no matter how difficult it seemed. The fellowship has helped improve my understanding of collaboration and grit. It was really an exciting experience for me.