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Can I apply to the Innovate for Africa Fellowship as a student?
No, only graduates irrespective of educational qualifications are expected to apply to the fellowship.
Will the training be physical?
No, the training is purely virtual and would require about 40 hours of your time every week.
Is the commitment fee part of the application process?
The commitment fee is only required if accepted into the program.
How much is the commitment fee?
The commitment fee is 10,000 naira to be returned based on certain terms and conditions.
Why am I paying the commitment fee?
This serves as a guarantee that you would commit to the fellowship’s requirements for 1 year.
Does paying the commitment fee guarantee me getting a placement?
No, it only says you accept and will commit to the fellowship’s requirement for a year.
Can I earn more than 100,000 naira per month?
While this is possible, it is highly dependent on the startup to be placed at and not the Novustack team.
What happens when I do not get accepted to the fellowship?
We advise and encourage that you reflect on your goals, be open-minded and reapply for the next cycle or make use of our other products (coming soon) in your self-development journey.
What happens if I miss any of the interviews?
Unfortunately, you would only be allowed to do the interview if it was an individual interview. For group interviews, this will not be permitted.
I did not receive any emails from Novustack, what do I do?
To avoid this, ensure you input your email correctly while filling out your application. Also check your spam and promotions folder.
I was not able to select a day and time for an interview, what do I do?
Kindly send an email to before the end of the respective interview stage, that is, if this error applies to the group interview stage, ensure to communicate before the end of the group interview stage.
If I get placed, do I have to work remotely or will it be physical?
This is purely dependent on the fellow and startup location. E.g., A fellow based in Lagos may be required to go to a physical location to work if he/she is placed at a startup based in Lagos.
What industry should applicants be involved in?
We accept applications from all backgrounds. However, we tend to prioritize those with hard skills such as design, software engineering, digital marketing, data analysis, etc.
Can I work at my placement part-time?
No, as a member of the IFA fellowship, you are required to work at your respective placement full-time.
Can corps (NYSC) members apply for the fellowship?
Yes, as long as you are able to work full time for the duration of the fellowship year.